Automotive Video Marketing: Boost Sales With Personalized Video

Since our inception in 2004, automotive sales have been at the heart of our business. We help dealerships transform their customer connections, capture more leads, and generate greater revenue through impactful, personalized videos.

Why use CDS for increased automotive sales?

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    Engage online inquires and bring them into the showroom

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    Create walkaround car sales videos that convert customers

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    Increase show rates for appointments and test drives

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    Shorten your sales cycle and find your most interested buyers

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    Thank customers for purchases and request referrals

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    Build loyalty over time with automated solutions through Codirect

Why car sales videos drive sales

Car salesman recording a video of a car for a prospect


By sending a Covideo, you can put a face and a voice to your dealership, creating a stronger sense of trust and rapport with potential buyers. A car is often the second most expensive purchase someone makes in their life. Video removes the mystery from the car-buying process and drums up excitement for the purchase.

A study from Beepi found that 52% of Americans feel uncomfortable or anxious while shopping at a car dealership. Using CDS for automotive sales boosts customer confidence and immediately introduces them to an automotive salesperson who is invested in their success.

Car salesman recording covideo of a car to customer


Highlight key features of the vehicle, such as the engine, safety features, or entertainment system, and demonstrate how they work in your car sales video. This allows the customer to see the car in action and get a better sense of its capabilities.

Vehicle walkarounds are some of the most popular Covideos for boosting automotive sales! Check out our huge library of video examples.

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Man introducing car dealership to new customers


Use video messages to engage with customers and showcase your dealership's unique selling points to create a more memorable and impactful automotive sales experience. This can help you attract more customers, build brand loyalty, and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

Over 70% of shoppers say video has helped them learn more about an auto product they intend to buy, according to Google. Increase your chance at closing the sale by creating a Covideo!

Covideo Dealer Services -Automation - step 1


Our dealer-specific automation solution, Codirect, is a set-it-and-forget-it video communication platform that helps you recover inactive customers, increase market share, nurture your customer lifecycle, and more.

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