Simple process,
stunning results.

CDS for Service is the streamlined video workflow that creates faster repair order generation, increased order totals, and transparent repair recommendations customers can approve with a tap.

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Why Covideo Dealer Services for Service?

Speed-up RO approvals

Elevate accepted repair recommendation rate

Increase service upsells

Complete more ROs with quicker turnaround

Boost service department revenue

Enhance customers' satisfaction

On-demand demo

Watch a shortened version of Covideo’s service solution demo to see how CDS works from start to finish in this 3:24 video.

Covideo Dealer Services - On demand Demo Video

How Covideo Dealer Service for Service works:


One tap…

…and your expert technicians can record a video transparently explaining repair recommendations to your customers.
65% of people who took their vehicle in for service first heard about the service center through video, according to Google. Connect with your customers where they prefer.
Covideo Dealer Services -Service - step 1
Covideo Dealer Services -Service - step 2

One click…

…and your skilled advisors can approve or deny technician videos sent automatically for review, ensuring the video quality and explanation meet your service department’s standards and your customers’ needs.
A Cox Automotive study found 70% of vehicle consumers who purchased or leased from a dealer did not return for service over the next year–the equivalent to $266 billion in annual lost revenue across all franchise dealers. Delight your customers and maintain their loyalty.

One more click…

..and advisors can share the video via email or text (SMS) with customers, along with a full quote and recommended repair order line items.
According to Auto News, DIY auto stores and service departments have seen more than 30% growth in foot traffic just from January 2022 to April 2022 alone. Keep customers in-house with an elevated service experience.
Covideo Dealer Services -Service - step 3
Covideo Dealer Services -Service - step 4

One view…

…and your customers can watch your video and approve recommended repairs. Your team is notified immediately and can continue working, increasing the number of repair orders your drive is able to complete.
According to a Google and Critical Mix study, more than 40% of auto service shoppers need reactive versus routine maintenance. Be the trusted source when your customers are in a service pinch.

Key features of CDS for Service:

Workflow designed specifically for service

Role-specific views for each service team

Quote generator for instant RO approvals

Roll-up reports showing analytics & key metrics

Email and text sending for videos & quotes

Leaderboard with insights into top performers

Painless. Powerful.Profitable.

CDS for Service is the simple, streamlined workflow that delivers quick, transparent repair recommendations vetted by your expert team. Complete more ROs and close on more repair recommendations while delighting your customers

15 Min. Live Expert Demo