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We’ll make sure you have the right number of licenses for your specific dealership. All users will have unlimited storage and access to all your features.

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We’ll make sure you have the right number of licenses for your specific dealership. All users will have unlimited storage and access to all your features.

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Covideo integrates with many third-party apps including Google Chrome, mail applications like Gmail and Outlook, and social media like LinkedIn. We also integrate with some of the most popular dealership tools and CRMs like Elead, VinSolutions, iPacket, and WheelsTV. Check out all dealership integrations here. If you have questions about integrations with an app you use, contact us.

Your free trial will last for seven days. During this time, our team will reach out to you to answer any questions and make sure you’re making the most of your time with Covideo. If you’re ready to choose a plan, contact our sales team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your Covideo library or by sending us a message.

We are happy to offer you specific features outside your desired pricing tier. You would just pay a small, additional fee on top of the price of your plan, depending on which feature you want to add. Contact us if you want to create something custom for your dealership!

Discover the Covideo tools that work for you

Covideo is a video messaging platform that allows your team to record, send, and track your videos all in one place. Since our inception in 2004, dealerships have been at the heart of our business. Our simple and reliable software has helped sales and service teams better connect with customers and sell more vehicles. Check out some of our most exciting features:

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    Unlimited video recording, storage, and sending

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    AI-generated scripts, SMS, and emails

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    In-depth analytics and company leaderboard

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    Integration with your CRM, email, and more

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    Access to OEM videos and custom landing pages

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    Service-specific and repair approval features


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We’re living in a digital age. Video content is king. It’s easy for the salesperson using it, and for the customer, it’s easy to consume. A lot of people do give a lot of good feedback that (Covideo) really makes you stand out, which in turn, helps you out as a salesperson

Skylar Prange

car salesperson

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