Video Testimonial: Skylar Prange at Bob Poynter CJDR and Ford

Skylar Prange at Bob Poynter CJDR and Ford talks about how Covideo Dealer Services simplified his video outreach and captures customers, even out of state.

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You're no longer just competing with the dealership down the road. In the digital age, you need the tools to bring in customers from anywhere. Nobody knows this better than Skylar Prange at Bob Poynter CJDR and Ford in Seymour, IN, who has about as many out-of-state customers as in-state customers. Video helps him bridge the distance, and Covideo is the tool that makes it easy.We sat down with Skylar Prange to learn why video has made a huge difference for his dealership's sales and communication strategy and how his customers have given amazing feedback on Covideo.
Testimonial Video: Skylar Prange

Video Transcript

VO from Skylar Prange: Go get the keys, go get the car, and make a 90-second video. It’s going to lead to much greater sales in the long run. My name is Skylar Prange. I’m a salesperson with Bob Poynter Chrysler Ford in Seymour, Indiana. I’ve been at the dealership for about three years now, and the dealership as a whole has been in town for about 42 years.

What was your outreach like before Covideo?

Skylar: So, I was actually doing videos off my personal phone, using my own data, my memory. I would go out to the vehicle, start a camera, and do a walkaround. I would save it and have to upload the video to the customer. And then I would have to go to our dealership website and copy and paste a link to the website with the vehicle of interest. And that’s what I love about Covideo; it takes everything I was doing and makes it into one simple step, essentially.

What led you to video?

Skylar: We’re living in a digital age. Video content is king. I believe that video content—for myself, personally, as a salesperson—I can use it easily. It’s consumed easily on the customer’s end. So, it’s very beneficial. It’s easy for the salesperson using it, and for the customer, it’s easy to consume.

What ways are you using Covideo?

Skylar: I try to use it as like, a premiere. I try to premiere the car. I make an individual video for the customer. Obviously, calling then out by name and making it a very personalized video for them, which I don’t feel like other dealerships—at least our competitors—are doing. So, I am doing it for every lead that I get, whether it’s internet, phone. Just again, a 30-second video, a 60-second video goes a long way for the customer.

What feedback have you received?

They absolutely love it. I get responses before I sell the vehicle, and I get responses after I sell the vehicle, both publicly on social media, any kind of rating or review system, and internally, we have our own review system where our marketing director will send out post-purchase, “Hey, how did the by go?” To which, a lot of people do give a lot of good feedback that it really makes you stand out, which in turn, helps you out as a salesperson.In the car industry, right now, you’re not just selling to your local hometown anymore; you’re not selling to your county. You’re not selling to your southern region of Indiana. I have just about as many customers outside the state of Indiana as I do inside the state of Indiana. So, being able to show somebody who’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a brand new F-350 and prove that we have it, talk about the deal before they get here, work out a deal before a guy drives eight or nine hours to pick up a truck, it really garners great feedback from customers. I have had a customer specifically in Pittsburgh who watched one of my videos about 20 times before he bought the truck, and I’m still getting updates that he is currently watching the video, so it must have been a good one.

Using Covideo to Win Customers from Anywhere

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