Transform Marine Marketing with CDS Solutions

CDS allows you to deliver personalized video messages that win over prospects, show off boat options at your dealership, and connect marine enthusiasts with an adventurous and recreational lifestyle.

Why use CDS for marine dealerships?

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    Use video to welcome and delight internet leads

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    Touch base before appointments or sales

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    Engage with buyers before and after boat shows

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    Record boat walkaround videos of specific options

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    Remind of upcoming repairs, service, or upgrades

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    Send thank you videos and stay in touch long term

Boost boat sales with CDS


When you receive internet leads, video is an excellent first interaction to welcome buyers to your dealership. Plus, you can use videos for boat walkarounds, say thank you for purchases, and remind buyers of service updates.

A boat walkaround is one of the easiest, most impactful Covideos you can make, South Shore Marine will show you how it’s done!


CDS gives marine dealerships a secret weapon to make the most of show season. Use video to reach out to leads before a show to welcome them, and then follow up after with customized walkaround videos of their favorite boats. You’re sure to stand out from the competition.

It takes about a minute to add video to your show strategy. Check out this great example from South Shore Marine.

 Help your marine dealership stand out from the pack.

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