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The right message at the right time.

CDS’s marketing automation tool - Codirect - is the set-it-and-forget-it, process-free video communication platform your team has been looking for. No manual effort or marketing degree required—just automated success.

Why Codirect for Automation?

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    Recover inactive customers

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    Master the art of retention

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    Supplement inventory

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    Increase market share

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    Maximize earning potential

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    Nurture the customer lifecycle

How Codirect works:

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You check a few boxes.

Only a single 30-minute enrollment session is necessary to start the process. Our experts walk you through your campaign trigger options—like declined repairs, birthdays, trade cycles, and more—and recommend offers that drive engagement.

Codirect Case Study: The average inactive period for recovered customers by Valdosta Nissan was 299 days!
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We create a framework of opportunities.

Our in-depth market evaluation identifies active and inactive customer records and scrubs fallout records—like unrealistic drive-time, non-mailable addresses, title transfers, and data that’s more than five years old. We add brand conquest and crossover in-market data to create a truly impactful communication list.

According to 9 Clouds Marketing, over 90% of dealerships already utilize basic contact info to engage leads. Separate your team from the crowd with next-level engagement data.
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We build out the campaigns.

With multiple video communication mediums available, including video email, video text, and video-centric direct mail, your campaign comes to life without your team having to lift a finger.

Codirect Case Study: Over its first six-month span, 31% of repair offers completed at Tampa Honda were thanks to Codirect.
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We review your reports.

The goal of Codirect is to take all the weight off your team. Our experts will touch base with you every 30 days to review reports, highlighting results and discussing opportunities for even greater results.

38% of car dealers agree that the need to improve customers’ experience with technology has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, per Capital One’s 2021 Car Buyer Outlook.
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You reap the rewards.

With Codirect operating completely in the background, your team benefits from once-inactive customers re-engaging and current customers making use of your entire dealership lifecycle—from sales to service and back again.

Codirect Case Study: Mountain View Chevy saw a 68x return on its Covideo investment.

Key features of Codirect:

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    Personalized, video-centric communication

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    DMS-integration/data mining

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    Completely automated triggers & campaigns

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    Robust, in-depth reporting

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    Engagement driving calls-to-action

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    Dedicated Account Manager

Real results. No energy required.