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10 Ways to Reduce No Shows at Your Dealership

Image of car saleswoman reaching out to customer using Covideo extension for Gmail to confirm meeting with the client at a dealership
You’ve communicated with the buyer, and set the date and time for them to come in. You’re all excited - you’ve cleaned and gassed up the car (maybe even trudged out into the rain, snow, or blistering heat to get it ready), you’ve done your homework on the buyer and are ready to greet them … and then it’s time.. 5 past time, 15 past time… 30 past time… NOT AGAIN!!Appointment no shows are a morale-killer, time-waster, and all-around bummer. And while an expected part of the job that will never fully disappear, there are some safeguards you can put in place to reduce no shows - improving the buying experience for customers AND your monthly sales. Here are some strategies that can help:

1. Confirmation Calls

Contact customers a day or two before the appointment to confirm the details, including the date, time, and location. This reminder will increase the chances of customers showing up as it keeps the appointment fresh in their minds.

2. Personalized Engagement

Build a rapport with customers during initial interactions. Establish a connection and express genuine interest in helping them find the right car, RV or boat. By building a relationship, customers are more likely to prioritize the appointment and follow through.

3. Provide Value in Advance

Offer additional information or resources to the customers before the appointment. For example, send them brochures, videos, or links to articles that are relevant to their preferences. By demonstrating your expertise and providing value, customers will perceive the appointment as more beneficial and will be less likely to skip it.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Give customers options for appointment times that accommodate their schedules. By offering flexibility, customers will feel more in control and are more likely to commit to the appointment.

5. Confirmation Video Emails

In addition to confirmation calls, send customers a confirmation email that reiterates the appointment details. This reinforces their commitment and provides a written record they can refer to. Even better if they're videos emails (like this one below) that show you've prepared and are excited for their appointment.

6. Calendar Invitations

Send customers a calendar invitation for the appointment. This way, the appointment will be integrated into their calendar, and they will receive automated reminders, reducing the chances of forgetting and staying top-of-mind.

7. Clear Directions and Parking Information

Provide clear directions to your dealership and any specific parking instructions. Make it as easy as possible for customers to find your location, reducing the likelihood of them canceling due to confusion or inconvenience.
PRO TIP: record a short, canned video you can use over and over to show buyers where to park, which door to enter, and where you'll greet them. This reduces anxieties and eliminates unknowns for first-time visitors.

8. Follow-up Communication

Send a follow-up message or call customers after the appointment confirmation to reiterate the importance of their attendance. This additional touchpoint reinforces their commitment and reminds them of the upcoming appointment.

9. Be Punctual

Respect your customers' time and be ready for the appointment at the scheduled time. By demonstrating professionalism and valuing their time, you encourage them to reciprocate the commitment.

10. Friendly Day-of Reminders

Send a brief reminder on the day of the appointment to ensure it stays top of mind. A simple text message or phone call can go a long way in reducing no-shows.Remember, despite these efforts, some no shows may still occur due to unforeseen circumstances or changing priorities. However, implementing these strategies can significantly reduce the likelihood of customers failing to attend their appointments.Ready to reduce no shows and gain valuable time back? Schedule a live, one-on-one demo with one of our experts who will show you how.

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