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Written By:Olivia Slade-Silovic

|Published Date: October 1, 2013|2 min read

20 Video Email Use Cases for Dealerships

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It’s no doubt the automotive industry is shifting gears, and buyers are spending more time researching their next vehicle online before coming to the dealership. As a result, a McKinsey report claims the average buyer only visits 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping. Ten years ago, this average was five dealerships. Therefore, if you can get a potential buyer into your dealership, chances are you’ll be their main—or only—option. So, how do you encourage them to come take a look?Check out our top car salesman tips to get more customers on the phone, in your dealership—and heading out the door with new keys in hand!

20 Video Use Cases for Dealerships

  1. Internet lead follow up -  Respond to leads with a video introduction to make a great first impression and discuss next steps. 
  2. Inventory videos - Showcase the selection of vehicles on your lot and send videos promoting new models as they arrive.
  3. Appointment reminders and details - Send video reminders for upcoming appointments to help increase show rate and provide necessary details. Notify your buyer about any changes to the sales process during social distancing, and outline the actions you’re taking to assure a safe visit. 
  4. Vehicle walkaround - Offer customers a 360 ̊ video of a particular vehicle, highlighting  special features, color, and condition, or showcase additional inventory on your lot.
  5. Unsold follow up - Send a personal follow up to an unsold prospect to see if they’re still in the market for a new vehicle and try to earn their business for sales or service.  
  6. New technology trainings - Demonstrate how to operate high-tech electronic features within the car such as cruise control, entertainment systems, and driver settings.
  7. Service and repair updates - Eliminate the doubt surrounding service repairs. Build trust and transparency by providing visual proof so the customer feels confident in signing off on repair recommendations.
  8. Service reminders - Send video reminders to get a jump on future service appointments.
  9. Present service pricing - Customers are less price sensitive when they see and understand the recommendations. The average repair order is increased by $100 when video is used.
  10. Accelerate approvals - Sending custom video recommendations leads to more, and faster, service approvals.
  11. Car care and maintenance - Demonstrate basic car care and maintenance (checking tire pressure, changing a tire, checking fluids, etc.) as an extra service to your customers.
  12. Special offers - Make consumers aware of any discounts you offer on tires, service, repairs, parts, etc.
  13. Customer loyalty incentives - Let customers know you appreciate and incentivize loyalty.
  14. Extended warranty reminders - Let customers know extended warranties can still be purchased even after buying the vehicle.  Remind them of the benefits beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  15. Relationship building - Reach out to your customers throughout the year to show them they are appreciated!
  16. Thank you - Continue relationships with your customers by sending a personalized thank you message after a deal is complete.
  17. Testimonials - Video testimonials made by satisfied customers have an authenticity other consumers are more likely to trust.
  18. Awards - If your dealership or staff has received awards, get the word out!
  19. Video newsletter - Add video to e-newsletters to increase engagement and better inform and entertain your contacts.
  20. Competitive advantages - Get a jump on the competition by sending videos that highlight the advantages of your vehicles and services.

Start Selling More Cars Today

This is only a short list of ideas to get you started—the use cases are endless! Request a demo, and one of Covideo's automotive experts will show you how dealerships are using video email to increase sales.

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