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Auto Sales Training Ideas and Tools for Successful Dealership Teams

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A sales team is the heart of success at automotive dealerships, but it’s also a career path with high turnover. The average dealership turnover rate was 46% in 2021, according to an NADA Dealership Workforce Study. Turnover has increased steadily for years, but with a focus on proper auto sales training techniques, coupled with strategic hiring practices and a culture of recognition and advancement, dealerships can elevate their performance while building a team with drive and longevity.

Hiring the Right Team: The Foundation of Success

Building a successful sales team starts with hiring individuals who possess the right blend of skills, attitude, and drive. When recruiting new team members, it's essential to prioritize qualities such as communication skills, a passion for customer service, and openness to innovation and technology. Before initiating the hiring process, work with your leadership team to determine the core values of your dealership and stick to it. New team members can learn a lot through auto sales training, but it’s harder to change someone’s attitude and beliefs.

Crafting a Comprehensive Hiring Process

Develop a thorough hiring process that includes multiple stages to assess candidates' suitability for the role. Incorporate interviews, roleplaying scenarios, and assessments to evaluate candidates' sales experience, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit within the dealership. By investing time and effort in the hiring process, dealerships can ensure they onboard individuals who are well-aligned with their values and objectives.For example, if personalization for customers is a key priority for your dealership (and it should be!), have prospective hires practice this before they enter the auto sales training process. With a video messaging platform like Covideo, job candidates can record a practice introduction to a customer like the one below so you can get a sense of their personality as well as their willingness to learn technology used at the dealership.Below is a great example of an introduction to a customer, including information on trading in a vehicle.
Introduction & Trade-In | Rohrman Honda of Lafayette

The Power of Auto Sales Training: Nurturing Skills and Expertise

After hiring a team that represents your dealership well, ongoing auto sales training helps with refining skills, expanding knowledge, and fostering continuous improvement. A structured training program equips sales professionals with the tools, techniques, and insights needed to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional customer experiences.We always say: clear is kind. Auto sales training is not just about handing your team a pile of tools and information—it’s about setting clear, actionable processes and goals. Below, we’ll cover a few best practices when it comes to training your team.

Harnessing the Benefits of Video Training

Incorporating video into auto sales training can revolutionize the learning experience for dealership teams. Video content offers versatility, enabling sales professionals to access training materials at their convenience, whether in the showroom or on the go. From product demonstrations and sales techniques to customer engagement strategies, video training modules provide immersive learning opportunities.

Interactive Workshops and Roleplaying Exercises

Supplementing video training with interactive workshops and roleplaying exercises allows team members to apply newfound knowledge in simulated scenarios. Roleplaying enables sales professionals to practice communication skills, overcome objections, and refine their sales pitches in a supportive environment. This component of auto sales training helps salespeople feel more confident and builds camaraderie.

Giving Your Sales Team Tools and Auto Sales Training for Success

Once you’ve hired the right people and given them appropriate auto sales training, the best way to retain your team is to help them accomplish their sales goals. Any tools you can offer salespeople to help them be more efficient, communicate easily, and improve their sales approach will lead them to more sales and, therefore, better professional development and retention.

Key Communication Tools

Dealership salespeople should have software that helps them better communicate with customers, whether that’s live chat, SMS, email templates, or video messaging software. By incorporating personalized messages into their outreach efforts, salespeople can establish meaningful connections with customers, effectively communicate product information, and address individual needs and preferences. We’ve found that video is more important than ever, given that 92% of car buyers start their journey online, rather than walking into the dealership.Additionally, dealers need tools that help keep them organized. Leveraging a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables sales teams to track and analyze customer preferences, behaviors, and interactions. By capturing valuable insights into customer preferences, purchase history, and communication preferences, salespeople can tailor their approach to each individual. Moreover, CRM systems streamline workflow processes, allowing sales professionals to manage leads efficiently and prioritize their efforts, ultimately driving sales performance and contributing to employee satisfaction and retention.There should be no “opting out” of using technology at your dealership—everyone should be on the same page. Your key dealership software should be covered in each new hire’s auto sales training.
Want more insights into building a strong, stable sales team that is ready to win? Download our on-demand webinar, "The High-Octane Team - Building Dynamic Sales Teams with Staying Power" for tips from the pros.

Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence: Fostering Motivation and Engagement

Acknowledging the contributions of sales team members is essential for maintaining morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. Recognizing achievements and milestones not only reinforces positive behavior but also cultivates a sense of belonging and loyalty within the dealership.

Implementing Performance-Based Incentives

Design incentive programs that reward sales performance, customer satisfaction, and individual achievements. Whether through bonuses, incentives, or recognition programs, incentivizing success motivates sales professionals to strive for excellence and exceed expectations. By aligning incentives with dealership goals and values, dealerships can drive desired behaviors and outcomes while cultivating a culture of high performance.

Opportunities for Advancement and Growth

Provide pathways for career advancement and professional development within the dealership. Continuous auto sales training will help team members to expand their skills, pursue certifications, and take on leadership roles. By investing in the growth and advancement of employees, dealerships not only retain top talent but also cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Using Auto Sales Training for Employee Success

As a dealership leader, effective training and development of your salespeople is key. By prioritizing strategic hiring, implementing comprehensive auto sales training programs, and providing helpful sales tools, dealerships can position themselves for sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership. Embrace innovation, invest in your team, and harness the potential of video to unlock new opportunities and drive success in automotive sales.If you haven’t yet incorporated personalized video messaging at your dealership, check out a demo of Covideo! We work with thousands of dealerships across the country who use video for auto sales training, customer outreach, and more.

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