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Mastering the Art of Car Sales Follow-Up Emails: Best Practices and Examples

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In the world of car sales, the follow-up process is often the difference between a lost lead and a closed deal. Someone may need time to look at and think about their vehicle options. Mastering the art of the car sales follow-up email is crucial for any successful salesperson to make it to that closing deal. In this blog post, we'll explore some best practices for crafting effective follow-up emails and provide a concrete example to guide you through the process.

Tips for a successful car sales follow-up email

What is Video Email?

Personalization is Key

One-size-fits-all emails won't cut it in the competitive world of car sales. Personalize your follow-up emails by addressing the recipient by name and referencing specific details from previous interactions. This shows your potential customer that you value their individual needs and are invested in their car-buying journey.

Timeliness Matters

Strike while the iron is hot. Send your follow-up email promptly after any interaction with a potential customer, whether it's a test drive, phone call, or showroom visit. This demonstrates your commitment and keeps you top of mind as they consider their options.

Provide Value

Don't just bombard your prospects with sales pitches. Offer something of value in each follow-up email, whether it's useful information about a particular car model, tips for car maintenance, or exclusive discounts. By providing value, you establish yourself as a trusted advisor rather than just another salesperson.

Include a Call to Action

Every car sales follow-up email should have a clear call to action that guides the recipient towards the next step in the buying process. Whether it's scheduling another test drive, requesting more information, or making an appointment with you, make it easy for your prospects to act. Be sure to include clear contact information as well!

Use Multimedia

Incorporating multimedia elements like videos into your car sales follow-up emails can significantly increase engagement. Consider sending a personalized video message introducing yourself and highlighting the features of a car your prospect is interested in. Seeing a friendly face and hearing your voice can help build rapport and trust. (This is super easy with Covideo!)When you add a video to your email, make it immediately clear to your reader. A HighQ study found that adding the word “video” to your subject line increased email opens by 19%!Now, let's delve into an example of a car sales follow-up email that incorporates these best practices. This includes blank spaces where you can personalize the car sales follow-up email as needed.

An example follow-up email to use at your dealership

Subject: Video: [Name’s] [Name of Car Make and Model] at [Dealership]Hi [Prospect's Name],I hope this email finds you well. I'm thrilled to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and preferences.As promised, I've put together a short video showcasing the latest model you were interested in, the [Car Model]. In this video, I'll walk you through its standout features.[Include a gif link to your video here]I truly believe that the [Car Model] could be the ideal fit for you, providing both style and functionality for your daily adventures. However, I understand that purchasing a car is a significant decision, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.If you have any questions about the [Car Model] or would like to schedule another test drive, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to provide any information or assistance you may need.Looking forward to hearing from you soon!Best regards,[Your Name][Your Contact Information] In this example, we've personalized the email by addressing the prospect by name and referencing our previous interaction. We've provided value by including a personalized video showcasing the car they're interested in. Additionally, we've included a clear call to action, inviting them to reach out with any questions or to schedule another test drive. If you want to dig deeper, we have compiled 10 tips for automotive lead response to give you additional ideas for car sales follow-up emails.Feel free to use this email template as a guide for crafting your own car sales follow-up emails. Remember to personalize each email to the individual recipient and always provide value in every interaction.

Effectively adding video to your car sales follow-up emails

We know from a Wyzowl study that 88% of people say that watching a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product or service. There is no doubt that customers love video, but when you’re using video in emails, you want to make sure they’re super accessible.You could host on a site like YouTube, but you can’t control what other videos or ads may play. You can try to add the video as an attachment, but it might get caught in spam or be too large to send. And neither of these options can tell you when and how many times a specific person watched your video. That’s why Covideo created a platform for dealers to record, send, and track their videos all in one place—and make unforgettable car sales follow-up emails.You just choose your CTAs and copy the code to add a link and animated gif to your email that will take your customer to a beautiful, branded landing page. See how it works by clicking the gif below.
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Improving your sales outreach with video emails

With these best practices and examples in mind, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of car sales follow-up emails and closing more deals. Adding video to your emails is not only super effective, it also is extremely easy with Covideo. You don’t need any tech or editing skills to get started. To see it for yourself, schedule a demo today.

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