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Auto Platforms Covideo and Elead Collab on Integration

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Covideo, the Indianapolis-based video messaging software company, has partnered with powerhouse automotive CRM, Elead, to launch an integration that allows shared users to record, send, and track videos within the CRM. Users will now have access to Covideo’s proprietary software directly within their Elead account, allowing them to record new videos, utilize existing videos, add them to their messages, and automatically track the activity. Additionally, videos sent through Covideo’s desktop or mobile applications will also be automatically logged to the corresponding customer’s record in Elead. “This partnership aims to save dealers time and effort, while also creating a more efficient process to engage buyers, strengthen relationships, and drive higher sales,” said Covideo CEO, Jason Price. 
Covideo Dealer Services and Elead Integration
Founded in 2004, Covideo is a market leader in video messaging, used by automotive dealerships worldwide for internet lead responses, vehicle walkarounds, appointment reminders, service repairs, and more.Covideo’s integration for Elead is the first of its kind that allows users to incorporate personalized video into messages and accurately track outreach without manual entry. “With Covideo’s integration, salespeople and BDC teams can do everything from start to finish from a single screen,” said Price. “It’s hands down the fastest, most streamlined way for dealers to incorporate video into their outreach.”  Those interested in integrating Covideo and Elead can reach out to Covideo at, contact your designated account manager, or request a demo online
About Covideo:  Covideo is a market leader in video messaging, used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Through Covideo, users can record, send, and track videos across a variety of channels allowing them to build relationships and convert leads into customers. With an emphasis on personalization and personal connection, Covideo is helping people reimagine business communication. Visit for more information.About Elead:  Elead is a pioneer in automotive CRM, helping dealerships bridge the gap between sales, service, and marketing to provide a simple, comprehensive customer acquisition and retention platform. Elead exists to help convert leads into sales, prospects into customers, and customers into trusted, long-lasting and rewarding relationships. Visit to learn more. ###
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