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What Are Digital Business Cards for Car Dealerships, And How Do You Use Them?

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Long gone are the days of carrying tiny cardstock squares in your pocket with your name and number everywhere you go in case you might encounter a customer or new connection. While business cards have long been a staple for automotive salespeople, the industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Digital business cards for car dealerships are about to become more common than their paper counterparts. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of this innovative tool and how it can transform the way dealerships connect and engage with clients.Google Research found 95% of vehicle buyers use digital sources when looking at cars, and twice as many start their research online before physically meeting a dealer. If you can't physically find a way to hand your card to a customer, you better have a digital business card for your car dealership!

Embracing the future: digital business cards for car dealerships

The automotive business is inherently built on relationships. From interacting with customers on the showroom floor to attending industry events, establishing and maintaining connections are crucial. In this digital age, the traditional paper business card is making way for a more dynamic and versatile solution: digital business cards for car dealerships.But what does this digital card look like? There is no one definition, and there are plenty of ways to translate a business card to a digital version. Perhaps you want to use your LinkedIn profile as a “business card.” Maybe you want to create a custom digital design. Find the format that best fits your needs!

Scan to add directly to contacts

Some apps allow you to generate a QR code or wirelessly transfer your contact information to an Android or Apple device. This would save directly to the “Contacts” app in your phone and instantly share your name, number, email, and other information directly to someone’s phone.

Landing pages or personal websites

A personal website or landing page can make a great digital business card for car dealerships. You can customize the design of a landing page to match your branding and contain all the most vital information on a business card—like your phone number, address, and email. You can even add a video introducing yourself. (Pro tip: You can do this easily with Covideo’s landing page builder! Check it out.)
An image of a white landing page with Covideo Dealer Services' logo at the top and contact information to the other side. There is a photo of a video with a woman smiling below it and a play button.

Social media sharing

LinkedIn often serves as a “virtual resume,” but if you keep your photo, contact information, and current job information updated, it also contains all the key parts of a business card. You can connect with new prospects, and they’ll instantly see your info.

Email signature

Have you thought about ways to make your email signature more engaging? You can include a headshot or a link to your personalized landing page or introduction video. Use banners for promotions and other events. An email signature is a type of digital business card for car dealerships, and it can link to all kinds of resources.

Virtual wallet cards

Your phone likely has a “wallet” app where you can keep credit cards, gift cards, and—you guessed it—digital business cards for your car dealership. There are certain apps that allow you to design cards on your Apple or Android device. You may want to consider including a QR code people can scan for more information.

NFC Tags

NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows data to be transmitted between devices when they are nearby, typically within a few centimeters. These can be added to physical cards or small key fobs. The NFC feature needs to be enabled on smartphones to transfer contact information. Then, people can tap their phone to receive your information. (This is the same technology that allows you contactless payment at certain stores!)

Why you should consider a digital business card at your dealership

1. Seamless Networking Opportunities

Digital business cards for car dealerships provide a seamless way to exchange contact information. With a simple tap or QR code scan, dealers can instantly share their details with potential clients or other industry professionals. This real-time exchange enhances efficiency and leaves a lasting impression, setting the stage for future collaborations and business opportunities.

2. Rich Multimedia Integration

One of the key advantages of digital business cards is the ability to integrate rich multimedia elements. Dealerships can showcase their latest models, promotional videos, or even virtual showroom tours directly through the digital card. This multimedia integration goes beyond the limitations of traditional business cards, providing a dynamic and engaging way to present the dealership's offerings.

3. Enhanced Analytics for Dealership Marketing

Digital business cards for car dealerships offer invaluable data that can impact your marketing strategies. Dealers can track interactions, analyze which elements of their digital card garner the most attention, and gain insights into customer preferences. This data-driven approach allows for targeted marketing efforts, ensuring that promotional content resonates with the intended audience.

4. Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

As businesses worldwide strive to adopt more sustainable practices, digital business cards are an eco-friendly alternative to their paper counterparts. Beyond the environmental benefits, digital business cards for car dealerships also prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Eliminating printing costs and the need for constant reprints, dealerships can redirect resources towards other impactful aspects of their operations.

5. Real-Time Updates and Customization

In the fast-paced automotive industry, information is constantly evolving. With traditional business cards, updating contact details or promotional offers can be a cumbersome process. Digital business cards empower dealerships to make real-time updates, ensuring that clients always have access to the latest and most relevant information. This level of customization adds a layer of professionalism and reliability to the dealership's brand.

6. Accessibility Across Platforms

Your customers use a variety of devices, and having a business card that is accessible across multiple platforms is a game-changer. Digital business cards can be easily shared and viewed on smartphones, tablets, and computers, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience for recipients.

An easy place to get started with virtual business cards

Obviously, digital business cards at your car dealership have many benefits, but there are so many options for sharing, hosting, and designing.The biggest reason to digitize your card is to be able to share multimedia that you cannot put on paper—like videos, animations, or in-app contact information. Here at Covideo, we’re masters of personalization. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, you can easily record a personalized video and drop it on a custom landing page that contains all your contact information. Covideo can do the heavy lifting for you. Here are the steps:

Record a personalized video

Using your phone camera or webcam, record a video introducing yourself. This does not need to be perfectly polished for your digital business card. For car dealerships, authenticity is everything. Make sure you have great lighting, a quiet spot, and a clean background. Explain who you are, what your goals are as a salesperson, and tell a little about the dealership.Here are some ideas for customizing an introduction video specifically to your recipient.
Introduction Videos

Create a custom landing page

If your dealership has a website, you can add this video to your profile or “meet our team” page. But we recommend a custom landing page that zones in on specific calls-to-action. At Covideo, we set up this page for you with your contact information, brand colors, and chosen design elements. Then, you can choose the actions you want to move your audience to—like scheduling an appointment or test drive.

Share your video and page

Think of places you may need to introduce yourself when sharing your digital business card at your car dealership. Here are some places you could put a custom landing page with a URL:
  • Create a QR code people can scan on your paper business card
  • Connect the landing page to your email signature
  • Add the link into emails or texts
  • Add the URL to LinkedIn or other social profiles
  • Add the link or QR code to your resume or professional profiles
  • Create a card linking to the landing page in your phone’s virtual wallet

Track your success

Don’t forget to set up tracking and analytics to see who is viewing your page! For example, if you create this landing page on Covideo, you can receive a notification whenever someone watches the video and see how much and how often someone watches. Adjust your information accordingly. The beauty of digital business cards for car dealerships is how easy they are to update!

Digital business cards for car dealerships: the next frontier of networking

In conclusion, the adoption of digital business cards for car dealerships represents a significant step forward in the industry's approach to networking and client engagement. With seamless sharing capabilities, multimedia integration, enhanced analytics, and a commitment to sustainability, digital business cards are poised to become a staple in the automotive business toolkit.Dealerships that embrace this innovative technology position themselves at the forefront of a digital revolution in the automotive industry. So, why wait? Reach out to Covideo today to learn more about our tools for moving dealerships into the digital future.

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