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Goodbye Faceless Emails, Hello More Sales Opportunities

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Prospecting can make sales professionals feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Reliving the same boring, plain-text email is not just disheartening to send—it’s disheartening to read! It doesn’t help generate sales opportunities either. Sales professionals need a tool that allows them to talk to a buyer like they would in person. A video email stands out in a buyer’s inbox and is easy to add into a sales professional’s routine.
Face to a Name

Engage recipients more with video

Introduction videos take less than a minute to record and send to your prospects. When you record a video message, be intentional about what you’re including in the video. Make sure to state their name, what value you’re providing, and next steps they should take. Unlike a phone call—or worse, a voicemail—a video message makes you more familiar to the prospect by putting a face to the name. And more engagement equals more sales opportunities.

Video analytics provide sales professionals with next steps

How do you know if a buyer read past the “Hey John” in your outreach emails? Well, you don’t! You just hope they respond back within a week before you send out another follow-up email. So, speed up your outreach process and sales opportunities with viewer analytics from a video message. Through a video email software, like Covideo, you can get insights into who watched your video and how much they watched. Now sales professionals can know instantly when a buyer watched their video and how interested they are in their message. Insights like viewer analytics help sales professionals plan out more informed and thoughtful responses.

Follow up like a boss

Once you’ve sent your first introduction video, you’ve established a sense of familiarity with the buyer. To continue forming a personal connection, you need to stay in contact. Maintain lines of communication by ending each video with a call to action that outlines clear next steps. For example, a sales rep could say, “Thanks for watching my video! Let’s schedule a time to discuss pricing—how does this Friday at 10 a.m. sound?” Boom. Now your prospects have a clear understanding of what to do next. This can prevent a deal from stalling.

Record a value proposition

Send a prospect a video message when they are in the decision-making process. In the video, express the reason for doing business with them, recap how this product or service can solve their pain points, and highlight what the opportunity will mean to their business in the future. A message like the one above is best executed when the sales rep can use a video to capture their own voice, tone, mannerisms, and facial expressions. Not only will this come off as more genuine and authentic, it also humanizes the sales process.

No more faceless sales emails

Buying is an emotional experience. Thus, supplying the buyer with a communication tool that offers both verbal and non-verbal communication provides a positive experience for prospects. Connection is crucial for sales opportunities because when it comes down to it, a buyer’s decision to do business with you is just as much of an emotional decision as it is a logical one. Plus, with Covideo's app, you can enable video reply so your prospects can respond with a video of their own!

How to make a video for sales opportunities

Videos are great sales tools, but you should consider best practices to make the most impact. You can make your videos creative, funny, short, motivational, and more. Consider the most impactful tone for your situation. Start by making sales video examples your team can review before releasing them to your prospects. Creating sales videos will eventually become second nature!
Make stronger connections with your dealership buyers by using personalized video with Covideo. Try it out for free!

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