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|Published Date: September 14, 2017|2 min read

Reasons for Using Video in Your Dealership

Smiling car seller standing in car salon with customer and showing around cars on sale.
You’re most likely familiar with the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Forrester Research by Dr. James McQuivey takes the phrase one step further by adding that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. How much time would you spend on typing 1.8 million words? And even if you spend so much time typing, the real question is, would you reach your audience?

Dealership customers today

The time when buying a car meant consumers were heading to their local dealership for the test drive and negotiations is long gone. Customers today are researchers seeking information and stories prior to stepping foot into your dealership. According to recent findings, 95% of shoppers research using online search, and 61% of them are using videos in the process. We expect that number to rise significantly in the years to come.

How can dealerships connect with customers?

Video is the best medium for reaching and engaging your audience. How many times have you sent emails to your customers not knowing whether or not they will open them? Data shows that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by an additional 19%. Imagine what happens when you send them a video email. One thing is clear: In today’s world, videos sell cars. Stop wasting your time and energy! Let us introduce you to the top five reasons why your dealership should step into the new age—the age of video.

1) Differentiate yourself from the competition

You are not competing with the car down the street; you are competing with the salesperson. Video differentiates you from the rest and demands more attention from your leads. Video is much more attention-grabbing than text.

2) Less work

We are all busy and it is frustrating when we put in all of our effort only to be faced with a non-responsive lead. But who can blame them? E-mails are boring and no one reads them. Leads respond to videos 30% faster.

3) People buy from people they like

We are all salespeople and understand that the most important part of the test drive is building rapport. Would your job be easier if the customer came in trusting and liking you? Would you close more business deals? Yes, a thousand times yes. It’s sales 101.

4) More showroom traffic, less “no shows”

Not many things feel worse than a “no show” in sales. Most of us would rather receive a firm “no” than a “no” masked as a “maybe”. Video increases true appointment sets and increases appointment shows because prospects feel more comfortable knowing who to look for.

5) Money

Simple math. More leads pay attention to you, they respond faster, they already like you, they show up and you close the deal. It's easy to get started using video in your dealership. Take Covideo for a test drive with a free trial!

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