Video Testimonial: Greg Jordan at Hennessy Porsche

Hennessy Porsche is a top seller of new and used vehicles in its region each month because it makes each customer feel special, and video is a huge part of that!

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When Greg Jordan at Hennessy Porsche sent a quick follow-up Covideo to a potential customer, he didn’t expect to see it receive five, ten, 50, and eventually more than 75 views in a single afternoon! He was certain there was some kind of glitch. Little did he know his customer was a C-suite level executive at a large company and had shared Greg’s video in his keynote presentation at a conference as a great example of customer service. “Look what Hennessey Porsche is doing to separate themselves from their competitors and rise above the noise,” his customer said of the video he received. “What are we doing to rise above our competition?”And this was not a unique situation. Every customer who contacts Hennessy Porsche in North Atlanta receives the same special treatment. Greg uses video to communicate with all customers—whether they’re a phone-up, floor-up, or online lead. He credits Covideo with helping Hennessy Porsche reach the first or second top spot in new and used sales in the region month after month.Check out Greg’s video to learn more about how Covideo gives his dealership a competitive edge through unmatched customer experiences.
Greg Jordan Hennessy Porsche Testimonial Video

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Greg Jordan. I’m one of the sales managers with Hennessy Porsche North Atlanta. I was very pleased to see a message from Covideo this morning requesting sales feedback and success stories, and I thought I would provide my two cents and am happy to do so.Here at Hennesey Porsche North Atlanta, Covideo has become a fundamental pillar of our sales process. In fact, one of my job roles is to make sure that I reach out to each and every phone-up and floor-up with a personalized greeting; thank them for their visit and interest in doing business with Hennessy Porsche; provide my name, number, and email; and make certain that no one falls through the cracks and everyone feels special about shopping with us. And I’ve seen untold success from this strategy. I’ll be walking across the showroom floor with clients that I’ve never met in person who say, “I got your video. You really stood out from our competitors. Thank you so much for showing that extra mile and that you care.” And we continue to use this as a strategy on video workarounds, but also post-sale, pre-sale, phone-up, and floor-up. It’s a huge success story.And the numbers don’t lie: Hennessey Porsche is certainly in the top one or two dealerships in new and preowned sales each month, and I do believe that the sincerity of Covideo is at the heart of it. It is so easy for a dealership to hide behind a text or an email or a quick, one-line voicemail when you can’t reach a particular client. Covideo sets yourself apart, and of course, everything that you see on video is more memorable and is more believable, but now you get tone and intent and inflection and body language. That sets us apart, and the success proves it.A true story: Last year, I sent a particular message to a gentleman who was a phone-up who happened to be a C-level executive, unbeknownst to me, for a very well-known company in the marine sector. I sent him a quick follow-up from his phone-up here at Hennessey Porsche, and I noticed several read receipts over the course of the afternoon—five, ten, twelve, 50! Then it exploded and went viral—for the lack of a better term—with over 75 views over the course of the afternoon. I thought maybe the algorithm was maybe corrupted and it was just a one-off error. It turns out that this C-level executive had shared this video with attendees at a convention that he was keynote speaking at. He played this video and said, “Look what Hennessey Porsche is doing to separate themselves from their competitors and rise above the noise. What are we doing to rise above our competition?” And that really cemented in my brain the value of Covideo from that moment on, and we continue to use it in our processes and involve with the new technology.Looking forward to a successful 2024 with video at the heart of it and very grateful for this tool and the continued success that it will bring. Happy 2024 and beyond, and we’ll see you at the end with Covideo at the heart of it. Take care.

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