Video Testimonial: Jack Bryan at Windsor Chrysler

If you want to learn how to use video to stand out from the competition, look no further than Jack Bryan! He is an award-winning salesperson and Covideo pro.

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What do you do when your dealership is in a market surrounded by six other dealerships—selling the same make and model of cars you are—all within driving distance? You find a tool to set yourself apart. For Jack Bryan at Windsor Chrysler in Canada, Covideo was the difference-maker he needed, and its tracking tools that showed when and how much someone watched a video helped him develop follow-up strategies for an even greater competitive edge.And sometimes, just one video can make a major difference! When Jack was making the move to Windsor Chrysler, he made a video announcement and extended his services to former customers. It gained 83 views in just one day and led to multiple appointments, which became 15 closed deals. We love Jack's story because it shows how an easy-to-use solution can lead to big results. Plus, he's a master of personal branding. You'll love his website,, which blends useful CTAs, an easy credit application, video content, and a little humor to win over customers.Check out his testimonial below and grab his tips for your dealership!
Video Testimonial: Jack Bryan at Windsor Chrysler

Video Transcript

VO from Jack: Hi Covideo, Jack Bryan from Windsor Chrysler! Today I'm excited to share a story about how the power of Covideo not only transformed my approach to car sales, but also set Windsor Chrysler, the dealership I work at apart from a market with six other dealerships, all within driving distance.But before we dive into that, let me take you back to when I decided to move and change dealerships. Awhile back, I sent a video to my customers announcing the move to Windsor Chrysler. Little did I know, the video would get over 83 videos in just one day and lead to multiple appointments. Also, I was able to close about 15 deals. Marlow, a friend and potential buyer, received a personalized walkaround video of their dream car, just like the videos that caught their attention when I made the move to Windsor Chrysler.Marlow VO: So, the video that Jack Bryan had sent me was an absolute game changer, and I can't say enough about it. Truthfully, for one, it made me feel like Jack Bryan was absolutely locked in, and two, he really felt genuinely interested in helping me find the right vehicle for myself. And I can't say enough about how wonderful that service was. Once again, thank you so much, Jack, for everything you've done. You've been a great help. Thank you.Jack VO: Now, here's the exciting part. This doesn't just help you stand out in the eyes of your customers, it puts Windsor Chrysler ahead of the competition. With the Covideo app, I can track the views on my videos, giving me the edge of knowing when to follow up and provide that extra level of service.So, if you're navigating a competitive market like mine, give Covideo a try. It's not just an app, it's a difference-maker that Windsor Chrysler has used to make it the obvious choice.Thanks for watching and here's to leaving the competition in the rearview mirror with Covideo.

Using Covideo for Automotive Sales

If you're surrounded by competitor dealerships and need to stand out, it may be the time to try Covideo's easy-to-use video messaging solution, just like Jack. Request a demo today to get started.
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