Video Testimonial: Ian Knell at Four Seasons RV

Ian Knell of Four Seasons RV explains how his RV dealership in Canada uses Covideo to reengage leads, track analytics, and develop thoughtful communication.

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Video is a huge asset for RV dealerships—just ask Ian Knell, a sales consultant at Four Seasons RV! Four Seasons uses Covideo to reengage inactive customers and request their feedback. They love all Covideo’s features and the ability to check out analytics and see who has watched their videos and when.RVs are a large, luxury purchase, and RV customers expect a high level of attention and service. Video is a great way to add that high-quality, personal touch. In addition to walkaround, lead follow up, and thank you videos, Covideo is also excellent for connecting before and after trade shows, where RV dealers capture most of their leads in the off season.
Testimonial Video: Ian Knell

Video Transcript

VO from Ian Knell: My name’s Ian Knell; I work here at Four Seasons RV in beautiful Medicine Hat, Alberta, and we have been using Covideo for a little while now.I find it’s very helpful to get engagement back from customers who may not be engaging through means such as texting, email, or phone calls. So, I find that being able to see your smiling face with a little three-second preview is an absolutely fantastic tool. And also the insights you are able to have to be able to see when the customer are checking on your video and being able to see that so it prompts you to call them right away because you know they’re watching your video right at that moment. Love it.I used to use a similar program back in the day, but I found a lot of the functionality wasn’t there. Covideo is just absolutely fantastic. I can’t stay enough good stuff about it, and it’s definitely helped with a couple of my deals this month. So, thank you to the Covideo team. It’s been amazing using your program, and I’m going to continue to do that for a long time—as long as they pay for it here at the dealership. So, that’s pretty much everything I have to say about Covideo—it’s awesome! Keep going.

Using Covideo for RV Sales

If you’re thinking about adding video into your RV sales strategy, you don’t have to figure it out alone! Our dealership experts are here to help you find the tools that work for you. Request a demo today to get started.
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