Video Testimonial: Michelle Andro at Hemlock Hill RV

Michelle Andro leads marketing efforts at Hemlock Hill RV in Southington, CT.

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Michelle Andro leads marketing efforts at Hemlock Hill RV in Southington, CT. We were able to grab a quick testimonial from her at an event to hear how Covideo has been an integral part of the business’ sales process, especially when the COVID pandemic limited opportunities for in-person meeting.Hemlock Hill is a true family business. Ray and Brenda Andro and their three children founded Hemlock Hill Camp Resort in 1976. The Andros sold the resort many years ago, and the campground is still open and under the ownership of a cooperative association. Hemlock Hills RV grew naturally from the resort business, which started with five Nomad trailers in 1985. The dealership outgrew several locations before arriving at its current home in Southington.Video has been key to Hemlock Hill’s continued growth. Check out the video below to hear more about why Michelle’s team trusts Covideo to make an impact and delight customers.
Testimonial Video: Michelle Andro

Video Transcript

Michelle Andro VO: We use Covideo a lot. It’s really helpful to our sales team. We use it to thank customers for coming in and to do walkarounds of units, and it really personalizes the experience for our customers, and they really, really enjoy it. Even all through COVID, just being more digital friendly to work with, you know, people couldn’t come into the dealership and look at our RVs. So, we were sending them a lot of videos that way, and that really helped move through the sales process.

Using Covideo for RV Sales

Video can be a huge asset for RV dealerships. Covideo makes it easy to record, edit, send, and track personalized videos with no experience required. Ready to change your sales game? Talk to one of our experts about a Covideo demo.
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