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8 Car Salesman Tips to Get Customers

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Your top priority as a dealership salesman is to attract more customers and sell more cars. After decades of working with car salespeople, we've broken down eight of our top tips for dealerships to increase sales. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
  • Perfect the First Quality Response
  • Nourish Relationships
  • Master the Art of Personalization
  • Consider Your Timing
  • Use Video Sales Tools
  • Clarify Next Steps
  • Provide Resources
  • Following Up with Style
There is no perfect, unique formula for how to get more customers as a car salesman, but these top eight tips sales professionals can improve your sales process today. And when implemented consistently, you'll see big results!

1) Perfect the first quality response

Our first car sales tip starts with your FQR. When your dealership receives an internet lead, how do your salespeople respond? If your answer is with an automated email, then we’ve got some work to do. Your first response will set the tone for your buyer and is the perfect opportunity to form a connection. A phone call isn’t always the prospect’s preferred method of contact, so make sure your emails incorporate:
  • A catchy subject headline
  • A personal introduction
  • Links to resources
  • Photos of potential vehicles
  • Next steps
Sending a personalized email will let the prospect know you’ve received their request, and it gives you a better opportunity to nourish the relationship. These emails are made even better with the incorporation of personalized videos when possible, so you can really show off the vehicle and your commitment as a seller. Now, we definitely recommend autoresponders for times when your dealership is closed or out of office, but always follow up with a personalized communication.

2) Nourish relationships

A standard yet damaging tactic in auto sales is immediately pushing the prospect to come to the dealership. Meet the buyer where they’re at in the sales process. Understanding where the prospect is in the sales cycle will allow you to respond appropriately. Recognize if the buyer is gathering information or if they’re looking to schedule a test drive.If they need more information, you can earn their business by becoming a resource they can trust. Explain that the cars they’re interested in now may not be available at the end of the week, but you’d love to learn more about them and understand what vehicles they’d be interested in.Nourishing relationships will maximize your time in the long run as a successful car salesman. 

3) Master the Art of Personalization

Personalization is very beneficial for salespeople. As a matter of fact, Hubspot found personalized call-to-actions perform 202% better than basic CTAs.Some personalization ideas for car salesmen include using the buyer’s name in your email subject headlines, referencing your previous conversations or inquires in an email, and incorporating a video message. In you're recording a video, hold up a sign with the buyer’s name. You’re more likely to get a response when you incorporate a personalized video message.

4) Consider your timing

What does a comedian and someone learning how to be a great car salesman have in common? They both understand timing!Timing is one of most important factors in selling a car because it can leverage urgency and speed up the sales process. Check out a few timing help tips from GoSquared:
  • Your chances of reaching a lead are 100 times higher if you call within the first 5 minutes.
  • There has been a copious amount of research dedicated to optimal times for sending emails and follow-up emails. (Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday—in that order—were typically the best days.)
  • Timing your social selling or account-based sales efforts for accounts that have just won an award or closed a round of funding can be a great conversation starter. Dealerships can tap into this strategy by tracking birthdays, milestones, or other personal events to create a touchpoint with customers.
  • Book-ending your day with calls to reach your prospects is a great strategy for salespeople.
  • Knowing your prospect’s deadlines and budget planning can give you leverage to drive urgency in the sales cycle. And with dealerships, limited inventory can help car salesmen drive urgency with customers.

5) Use video sales tools

Video emailing software is a great sales tool for auto sales professionals. Car sales reps can record and share video introductions, vehicle walkarounds, and follow-up video emails easily. 
4 Auto Videos You Should Be Making
On top of video outreach, car sales managers can use video emailing software to train others on car selling techniques. Record first-time car salesman tips and use them during your onboarding process. Sales professionals can record, share, and track their video messages from their desktop or smartphone with sales emailing software. Provide the best communication while onboarding a new hire or while prospecting by using a video message. Learn more about video messaging with a demo of Covideo Dealer Services. To learn more, check out these 20 quick use cases for video at your dealership.

6) Clarify next steps

Clarifying next steps is one of the first things someone should master in their journey of becoming car salesman.
And for a good reason! Next steps (or a call to action) define what the prospect can expect in the buying process, such as scheduling another call to talk about quotes or taking a car for a test drive.You need to discuss and agree on next steps with a prospect before the end of your current meeting. This isn’t an uncommon car selling tip, but it’s often underestimated. Keep the sales cycle moving by making sure you communicate the next steps and provide the right resources.

7) Provide resources

The key to learning how to be a good car salesman is not just perseverance but having the willingness to go the extra mile.Providing helpful resources builds customer confidence and loyalty. Add links showing off your inventory, safety procedures, special sales, or images of the buyer’s vehicle. One of the best car sales tips we can provide is: "wow" your customers! Leave a memorable impression by providing the best communication, offering more details, and showing that you care. 

8) Follow up with style

As a car salesman, it is important to have a strong follow-up game. Check in on your customers throughout the sales process. You can send emails, texts, or try giving them a call. One of our top tips on selling cars for a salesman is to take advantage of using video in your follow-up emails and text messages.
Seal the Deal With Video Auto
Regardless if it’s a new or warmer follow-up email, most sales professionals lack the personal connection that sets them apart from other salespeople.Replace your plain-text email or text with an eye-catching video message. When you incorporate a video into your sales follow-up emails, it will engage your prospect and drive action. Give it a try for yourself! Schedule a demo with one of our dealership experts or sign up for a free trial of Covideo Dealer Services.

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