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Use These 5 Auto Service Videos to Convert Lifelong Customers

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If you work in an auto repair business or run the service wing of a car dealership, then you know it can be challenging to convert one-time visits into lifelong customers. The key to dealer service retention goes beyond targeted auto repair marketing campaigns—you need to form a personal relationship with your customers. You must develop trust, respect, and care in each customer relationship. But how do you develop a personal relationship with your customers? One excellent method is to use personalized video messaging to create auto service videos for every step of the auto repair process.With personalized videos, you can communicate more effectively with customers and introduce yourself as more than just a name. You can answer customer questions in more detail and demonstrate the care you put into every car repair. Video is the best way to develop a personal connection with your customers and build a trusting relationship. Stand out from your competitors by using video messaging to retain lifelong customers.

Top 5 video ideas for automotive service

Before you begin sending auto service videos to customers, let’s discuss the types of videos you should send. Here, we list five auto service videos covering every step of the process, from the first consultation to the final thank you. These videos include both live video conferencing and video messaging, so be sure to consider which automotive shop software you should use to create and send your auto shop videos.
4 Auto Service Videos You Should Be Making

1) Video consultations

You can begin a relationship with a new client before they even come into your shop by offering a video consultation. A video consultation is a meeting over video wherein your customer shows you their vehicle, and you provide a preliminary assessment of service needs. Video consultations let you demonstrate your expertise and establish trust. They also respect the customer’s time and safety by allowing them to get assistance without having to come into a shop. Best of all, if the customer does decide to go into your shop, you will be able to repair it faster since you have already diagnosed the issue over video.

2) Appointment reminders

Send a video email to remind customers of an upcoming appointment. In this video, state the date and time of the appointment as well as the requested service. Also, relay any regulations that the customer must follow for the appointment. At the end of the video, invite your customer to send a video reply with any questions or concerns. Even better, with automotive repair software like Covideo Dealer Services, you are automatically notified when your customer views your video. So, you can rest assured that they received your reminder and will attend the appointment.

3) Video updates

Keep customers who dropped their vehicle off in the know by sending video updates during service. For example, if you run into a new issue and need to do an additional repair, send a quick video to your customer explaining the problem and updating them about any changes in time or cost of the repair. With a video, you can show the issue directly to your customer instead of trying to explain it over a text or phone call.
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Additionally, you can send a video update when you complete repairs. In this update, show the completed repairs and invite the customer to come to pick up the vehicle. You can also discuss financing options, demonstrate tips for preventing future issues, and recommend future services.

4) Follow-ups

Sending a video follow-up after service will continue the relationship and increase the likelihood that the customer will choose your business for future service. With a follow-up message, you can check in to see if the vehicle is working correctly again. Ask about how your fixes are holding up and whether the customer has encountered any new problems. Follow-up videos give your customer the chance to provide feedback on your service. They also demonstrate you care about the quality of your service. When customers feel that you care about them and their vehicle, they are more likely to return to your business for future service and recommend others. Furthermore, if there are any issues, you can take a proactive role in fixing them and getting back into your customer’s good graces.

5) Thank you videos

Nothing builds a relationship better than a good old thank you video. You can express gratitude for the customer’s choice to service their vehicle. You can offer future deals and discounts or remind your customer to complete a CSI survey. Ultimately, thank you videos are the perfect way to close out a customer interaction in a way that guarantees them to choose your shop again.

Covideo Dealer Services: Auto service software for all of your needs

Auto Service with Covideo Promo
The easiest way to create and send auto service videos is to use video messaging software that integrates with the auto repair software you already use. Covideo Dealer Services is a video messaging platform built specifically for dealerships and auto repair companies. With CDS, you can record and send personalized videos over email, text message, or your favorite dealership CRM. When your recipient clicks on your video, they will be redirected to a video landing page of your choice.Covideo integrates with the best software in the automotive industry, including Elead, WheelsTV, iPacket, VinSolutions, and DealerSocket. As a result, video messages fit seamlessly into your larger workflow. Better yet, if you need help with your video strategy, you can contact one of our auto experts at any time for personalized assistance. Get started with auto service video messaging today by signing up for a demo with our auto sales team. Or, get started creating your auto repair videos today with a free trial of CDS.

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