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Bring the Showroom Directly to Your Customers

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Even as self-quarantine and social distancing orders are lifted, individuals still rely on online resources to keep up with daily activities when they cannot meet in person. For auto dealerships, it is more important than ever to find new, innovative ways to connect with buyers that don’t require a trip to the dealership. If you can’t meet with customers in person, video is your next best option. Video is a powerful tool that helps you maintain business as usual during unpredictable times. By utilizing video, you deliver a personalized car buying experience directly to the customer—in the safety and comfort of their home. Video allows you to virtually introduce yourself to customers and establish trust by putting a face to the name. Sending video messages creates a memorable experience for your customers; you don’t have to let the reduction of in-store visits result in a decline in business. Covideo allows you to record videos directly on your cell phone, tablet, or desktop, making it easy to record, send, and track your videos from anywhere. Take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate video to connect virtually with your customers.

Respond to inquiries and internet leads

Introduce yourself and make a positive first impression, with no handshake necessary. When a lead comes in, follow up with a video so that the customer knows exactly who they’re working with. This virtual meet and greet builds trust between you and the customer and forms a strong foundation for the rest of their car buying experience. 
Introduction Videos

Virtual showroom

Bring your showroom directly to the customer's living room. Let the customer know exactly what vehicle options are available with an inventory showcase video. Have your salespeople get out on the lot and record a video using their mobile device to highlight the different models that your customer can choose from.
Inventory Showcase

Vehicle Walkaround

Once your customer has narrowed down their options, record a vehicle walkaround video if they can’t come in to see the vehicles for themself. Highlight any specific features the buyer inquired about and use this opportunity to reveal any small scratches or flaws.
How to Make a Vehicle Walkaround

Saying thank you

Taking the time to record a thank you video creates a positive customer experience, even if you haven’t been able to meet with someone directly. By going the extra mile with a thank you video, you show your customers, despite the challenge of not being able to meet in person, you still offer amazing customer service. This encourages the customer to refer you to other potential car buyers and keeps them coming back for future business.
Thank You Videos
Covideo helps you alleviate the challenges of not being able to meet with your customers face-to-face. Video messages offer a way to connect with customers and keep you on track to hitting your sales goals. If you are interested in incorporating video into your revised outreach strategy, connect with one of our auto experts.

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