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Covideo x iPacket Summer Series – Episode 1: Transparency

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Welcome to the Covideo x iPacket Summer Series, where we’ll be discussing some of the hottest automotive trends and the values dealerships can use to build a loyal customer base. As tech companies that have been creating solutions for dealerships for many years, we’ve seen the way the right technology can transform a dealership’s approach to sales, marketing, and business development. Dealership transparency is one of the most important values.In our first video, Director of Marketing at Covideo Margaret Henney and VP of Marketing at iPacket Taryn Young discuss the importance of transparency when earning customers’ trust. Watch the full episode below!
Covideo x iPacket Automotive Summer Series - Episode 1: Transparency

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Better Transparency for Dealerships

iPacket is a solution created especially for dealers, which puts a vehicle’s documentation and history directly in the hands of buyers. It’s a no brainer that we would collaborate with iPacket about a conversation around dealership transparency.Consumers are increasing how much shopping they do online—especially since the start of the pandemic. That reduces the amount of in-person time most dealerships get to make sales. Couple this with the fact that 87% of American report they dislike something about shopping at a traditional car dealership, and dealers have a lot to overcome to make a connection with their buyers.We recommend getting the right tools to increase dealership transparency, which inspires customer confidence and trust.

Tools for Dealership Transparency

In this episode, we discuss some of the ways technology can do the heavy lifting for car salespeople who want to offer their buyers more information. Tools like iPacket and Covideo make it simple. Instead of having to store and look up binders of car data and history, dealers can increase their dealership transparency by integrating iPacket. Covideo offers a tool for dealers to create stripped down and authentic video walkarounds of their vehicles for sale, which integrates with popular DMS and sales tools.Transparency can help buyers get to a decision faster—whether they’re a strong prospect or ready to move on. If a sale is not a right fit for a customer, you want to reduce the back and forth so they’re satisfied with the experience, and you can turn your attention to more qualified leads.

Increasing Customer Trust

In the end, it’s all about inspiring customer trust. Car buying can be an anxiety-inducing process for a lot of people, but if you can earn a customer’s trust, there’s a much better chance they’ll keep coming back.Stay tuned for more conversations in our Summer Series about dealership values, technology, and trends. We want to hear from you! Tell us what challenges you’re facing as a dealership or how technology is helping you solve them.If you’re curious to see how Covideo can help you with improved dealership transparency, reach out to one of our dealer experts today.
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