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Covideo x iPacket Summer Series – Episode 4: Quality

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Get ready for the fourth episode of our collaboration with iPacket—it’s a good one! The Covideo x iPacket Summer Series covers current trends for dealerships and what values to focus on to improve customer experience.In this installment, iPacket's Director of Digital Success Matt Cooke and Covideo Automotive Account Manager Clinton Corbin discuss the key elements of providing a high-quality dealership experience for customers.
Covideo x iPacket Automotive Summer Series - Episode 4: Quality
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Turning a quality experience into a faster sale

Can you think of a time you had an excellent experience purchasing a vehicle? In this conversation, Clinton details his recent excellent buying experience purchasing his first car. He didn’t know where to begin or what to expect from the process at the beginning, so he did a lot of research. A former acquaintance who happened to be a car salesman connected with Clinton on LinkedIn and frequently shared videos of car options on the lot at his dealership.These videos began to pique Clinton’s interest and led to him reaching out to the salesman with details of the exact car he was looking for. A month or two later, he sent Clinton a video of the Jeep that fit the bill.Here are the things that enticed Clinton to make the purchase:
  • The salesman made meaningful follow up and remembered exactly what Clinton was looking for—down to the color of the vehicle
  • He sent a detailed video walkaround of the Jeep to show how it had everything Clinton was looking for
  • Before the sale, the salesman sent over an iPacket that outlined all the details and history of the vehicle, leaving no guesswork
  • The video, detailed information, and personalized experience took away the anxiety of car shopping and replaced it with excitement
  • Clinton hadn’t planned to purchase a vehicle that day, but after a test drive, he was ready to buy. Because the seller nurtured the relationship from start to finish—and remembered what Clinton was looking for—he didn’t feel the need to shop around.

Better technology for better quality customer experiences

Unfortunately, not everyone has a high-quality buying experience, as Matt points out. As a matter of fact, people are becoming more dissatisfied with the vehicle-buying process. A study by Cox Automotive found that in 2022, 61% of respondents were highly satisfied with the process of buying a car. (This was down from 66% in 2021 and 72% in 2020.) The good news is dealers can offer a great experience with some very easy-to-use and affordable technology.iPacket, for example, helps dealers by providing “folders” of information on a vehicle. It tracks a car’s history, features, and other details. And while this is a huge asset and time saver for dealers, the company’s “why” is improving a demystifying the car buying process for buyers and their families. Everything they could want to know is directly at their fingertips, and they can trust it is all accurate.Similarly, Covideo is a simple tool that helps dealerships be more transparent and increase sales by providing a platform to record, send, and track personalized videos. It makes vehicle walkarounds, thank yous, appointment reminders, and more super effective. Not only can a customer see the car before they visit in person, but they can also see the salesperson’s face and get to know them before they walk into the showroom. They’ll feel more confident having an ally in the experience.

People buy from people they trust

Not only are you selling a car, but you’re also selling an experience. And a quality experience has benefits for the salesperson as well: think faster sales, better reviews, more referrals, and an increased chance that buyer will return for service to their vehicle or purchase in the future. People buy from people they trust, and providing information and looking out for your buyers’ needs goes a long way.The moral of the story? More is more. The more information, connection, and attention you can provide your customer, the more quality experience they will have. Stay tuned for our final episode with iPacket! Looking for an easy way to boost your customer service? You can try a free trial of Covideo Dealer Services and start making irresistible, personalized videos today.
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