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Covideo x iPacket Summer Series – Episode 3: Confidence

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Episode three of the Covideo x iPacket Summer Series is here! This summer, we’ve teamed up with our friends at iPacket to explore the most important values for dealerships and how they can evolve with current automotive and customer trends for more sales and success.Join Covideo Account Manager McKenzie Boyle and iPacket Director of Digital Success Carter Lindley for our latest installment of the summer series. Instilling buyer confidence is an important part of winning over customers, but it’s also key for salespeople to have tools to be confident as well!
iPacket x Covideo Episode 3: Confidence

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Overcoming Barriers to Confidence

Imagine you’re purchasing a vehicle for the first time, and you have 24 hours to decide what you’re looking for. Would you walk into the dealership without doing any research? Would you be overwhelmed by your options? Would you know where to go?Being as well-informed as possible can help customers feel more comfortable making a large purchase. McKenzie and Carter explain how technology can fit into this process to build buyer confidence:
  • Creating a video (like with Covideo) for dealers to introduce themselves, offer options, and explain the buying process makes buyers more comfortable.
  • Tools like iPacket that cover all the details and history of a vehicle arms both the dealer and the buyer with straightforward information.
  • Online databases like CARFAX give customers access to used cars and reports on how much a car is worth, if it’s been in an accident, how many owners it has had, and more.
  • Buyers frequently watch test drives on platforms like YouTube or join online communities discussing vehicles before purchase.
92% of car buyers research online before they buy, according to Google research. Dealerships need to consider digital tools to stay relevant, and an online presence is key to buyer confidence. Buyers have used the internet to research purchases for years, but the trend is only growing stronger. If you do not have clear, updated information on your dealership online, buyers may feel less confident shopping with you.

Honesty is Everything

Car shopping can be an unfortunately stressful process for buyers. As we have pointed out before, research from Beepi shows 87% of Americans dislike something about the process of purchasing a vehicle. 61% of buyers said they feel like they’re taken advantage of when visiting a car dealership. Your customers may be on their guard when shopping, and you need to show them you have their best interest in mind.Salespeople sometimes have to deliver bad news, but that’s part of the job. Some cars will be out of budget, have damage, or be unavailable. Dealerships can show they care for customers by being straightforward about what the buyer can expect and talk them through their options.Likewise, customers deserve to have their questions answered. Buying a car is a big decision, and buyers should be empowered to ask all the questions they have and not feel rushed throughout the process. Make sure the vehicle you’re buying checks all the boxes!

The Importance of Confidence

McKenzie pointed out one of our tried-and-true sayings at Covideo: The customer experience is your experience. Confident salespeople who have a grasp on digital tools, prioritize honest communication, and work alongside their buyer toward the best outcome are also going to have happy, confident customers!Stay tuned for the last two episodes of our series with iPacket. We’re here for you as you navigate updating your dealership sales strategy.And if you’re ready to boost customer confidence, give video a try! There is no better way to improve communication and stand out from the competition. Schedule a demo with one of our experts today.
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